October is an outstanding guitar teacher. That might be expected given her background, but she is also a source of inspiration and a tremendous supporter of her students in and out of the practice room. Our daughter Riley began studying guitar over three years ago. Beyond just learning notes and chords, she developed the self-confidence that enabled her to perform solo in front of her entire school. October understands that the guitar can empower young girls to find their own voice, rock as hard as the boys and have a heck of a lot of fun.

Brad & Leeanna Gantt

We are very excited that October has pursued her endeavor to start Girls Guitar School.  Our daughter Molly has been taking individual lessons from October for almost four years.  While being a very strong, direct instructor there are many giggles during the class.  October has been a very supportive, caring instructor to Molly.  She has come to Molly’s school to see her perform and she has had honest talks with Molly when she was thinking of taking a break from guitar.  When October’s dream of “girls with guitars” became a reality, Molly was very excited.  So far, the group has been fun and we think that Molly’s skill and knowledge of play has grown with the experience of being with other girls her age.  We are very happy to be part of October’s new exciting endeavor.

Wendy & Greg Lumsden

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